Xpanding Barrier

The Expanding Barrier product range has been designed to accommodate most Industry requirements adhering to Health & Safety Requirements in the work place.

  • CUSTOM MADE to best fit opening

  • Can be used for commercial & industrial applications

  • Enhances access control on roller shutter doors, business entrances / exit.

  • Promotes health & safety in the work place or retail environment when access control is required

  • Light weight aluminium construction for easy maneuverability & easy to store

  • Range of width options (1-10 m) & finished heights (1.2 m or 1.8 m)

  • Available in high visibility colors – black & yellow; red & white; yellow or any other standard colour/s to match

  • Comes in 4 types – Econo, Utility, Forecourt & Xpanding

  • The sash takes up ±15-20% of the opening when stacked away

Xpanda Quality Warranty and Workmanship

Anti Rust Guarantee

Xpanda uses various corrosion prevention treatments to prevent damage and ensure structural integrity of its products against the weather, salt water, acids, or other hostile environments so your products last longer. Products are protected from the elements by our Electro Plating and Epoxy coating process, and we will hot-dip galvanize on request. Hot-dip galvanizing is done according to SABS 1461 specifications.

Quality Policy Statement

We continue to set and review quality objectives that are realistic, achievable and in line with our overall company objectives by ensuring we achieve our intended results. To achieve this, we also ensure that we comply to the statutory and regulatory requirements and that the QMS conforms to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standards, which is continuously maintained, driven and supported by Xpanda’s top management.


Xpanda is committed to providing customers with peace of mind installations and a level of security that is better than that provided by any other manufacturer. All Xpanda installers are highly trained installation professionals. You can be rest assured that the installations performed by the teams at our 3 main branches and at our authorised distributors, will be done efficiently and with minimal interference with your property.

After Sales

If you have any questions or concerns about your Xpanda product or security needs, our expert teams are here to assist you. Xpanda realise that your security requirements evolve over time and our staff can offer advice on security issues, the most suitable products for the application you require, and installation advice if you are using one of our DIY products.